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 Battery & Aluminum Rim Recycling

 Top Dollar for Aluminum Rims Batteries.

At Quick Tires Recycling, we are aware of the importance of proper battery recycling. With millions of batteries being produced every year, we know it is important for batteries to be properly recycled.We accept a variety of batteries at our facility in Gilberts IL Including:

  • Lawn Mower Batteries
  • Boat Batteries
  • Motorcycle Batteries
  • Car Batteries 
  • Truck Batteries
  • Semi Truck Batteries
  • Skid Steer Batteries
  • Fork Lift Batteries
  • Industrial Batteries
  • and More

We collect Aluminum Rims from all kinds of vehicles from cars to trucks to semi trucks, to be repurposed. Contact us today for more details or for pricing information.

We pay top dollar for all Aluminum/Alloy Rims, Wheels, Auto Batteries, Alternators, Starters, Auto Compressors, Radiators, Rotors and more. Stop by and drop off your Aluminum  Rims or Batterires at our recycling center today or contact us at (847)401-9090 or fill out our Contact Form to schedule a Pick up. Quick Tires Recycling is a company you can trust, we can help you with all your battery and rim recycling needs. 

                                                                                               We pay top dollar for Aluminum Rims and Batteries